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Asia stocks reach record highs after Wall St. surge

Jan 18 2018

Asian stocks struck record highs, while the dollar pulled back from 3-year lows as comments by European Central Bank officials tempered the euro’s recent rally.

Hong Kong democracy leader jailed a 2nd time for 2014 protest

Jan 17 2018

Democracy activist Joshua Wong, 21, was sentenced to a second jail term of three months for “leading” role during some of the 2014 pro-democracy “Umbrella Movement”

Reliance Communications to build $600-mn submarine cable

Jan 16 2018

Reliance Comm is laying a 68,000-km undersea cable to carry data across Europe and Asia, to be built at a cost of $600 mn.

Prodded by China, Qantas amends website references to Taiwan

Jan 16 2018

Australia’s Qantas Airways said it had amended its website to no longer refer to Taiwan and Hong Kong as countries, rather than Chinese territories.

Global economy on strong cyclical recovery: IMF official

Jan 15 2018

The global economy is getting stronger from cyclical recovery pointing to faster growth across regions, said a senior IMF official.

Germany to include yuan in FX reserves: Central banker

Jan 15 2018

“I can today say that also the German central bank, the Bundesbank, has decided to include renminbi in our currency reserves,” Dombret told a Finance Forum.

Israel to ease dual-listing with Hong Kong, Singapore, Toronto

Jan 14 2018

ISA said it approved a plan to allow Israeli companies traded in Singapore, Hong Kong and Toronto to easily dual-list on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE).

More Jet Airways staff under DRI lens for forex smuggling

Jan 14 2018

Expanding its probe, DRI is looking into the role of some more crew members of Jet Airways for their alleged involvement in smuggling of foreign currency.

Crowd jostle for Hong Kong flats, no end in sight to housing boom

Jan 13 2018

Hong Kong’s red-hot property market kicked off 2018 with hundreds queuing to buy flats in the first major property launch, lift record prices by 5 to 20 pc over the year.

Hong Kong, London, New York shortlisted for Aramco IPO: Sources

Jan 11 2018

Saudi Arabia has shortlisted New York, London and Hong Kong singly or in a combination of two or even all three for the international portion of the listing of Aramco.

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Net Sales at Rs 1540 Cr Vs Rs 508 Cr, up 3x

Total Income at Rs 1,808 Cr vs Rs 734 Cr, 2.5x

EBITDA at Rs 1462 Cr Vs Rs 475 Cr, up 3x

EBITDA margins at Rs 95% vs 93.5%

PAT Rs 842 Cr vs Rs 99.3 Cr, up 8x

All results are Consol & comparable YoY


PAT at Rs 57 Cr vs 51 Cr up 11.8%

NII at Rs 250 Cr vs 209 Cr up 19.6%

Non-Interest Income at Rs 75 Cr vs 64 Cr, up 17.2%

Operating Profit at Rs 123 Cr vs 109 Cr, up 12.8%

Net Interest Margin at 4.12% vs 3.95% YoY

All results are comparable YoY


Net Sales up 36% at Rs 214.5 Cr Vs Rs 157.6 Cr

EBITDA up 3.1x at Rs 59.8 Cr Vs Rs 19.4 Cr

EBITDA Margin at 27.9% V 12.3%

Net Profit up 3.3x at Rs 36 Cr Vs Rs 11 Cr

Other Income up 36% at Rs 11.7 Cr Vs Rs 8.6 Cr

All figures are standalone and comparable YoY


Net Sales up 6.9% at Rs 254.8 Cr Vs Rs 238.4 Cr

EBITDA up 80% at Rs 70.1 Cr Vs Rs 39 Cr

EBITDA Margin at 27.5% vs 16.4%

Net Profit up 2.3x at Rs 43.2 cr vs Rs 18.8 cr

All figures are comparable YoY


AUM at Rs 44971 Cr Vs Rs 37505 Cr, Up 20%

Disbursements at Rs 5731 Cr Vs Rs 4812 Cr, Up 19%

Total Income at Rs 1411 Cr Vs Rs 1134 Cr, Up 24%

Calc NII at Rs 645 Cr Vs Rs 419 Cr, Up 54%

PAT at Rs 105 Cr Vs Rs 67 Cr, Up 56%

All results are comparable YoY

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