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European Union is not at war with Poland, says EU's Juncker

Jan 17 2018

The European Union is not at war with Poland and is not set on sanctioning the country “come what may”, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said.

Bulgaria converging with euro zone, but still not enough: Juncker

Jan 12 2018

Bulgaria, which wants to adopt the euro currency, has made genuine progress in bringing its economy closer to those of euro zone countries but has still some work to do.

German coalition deal beneficial for Europe: EU's Juncker

Jan 12 2018

“In terms of the substance I‘m very happy with what the CDU/CSU and the SPD have agreed,” Juncker said.

EU's Juncker says next EU budget has to be bigger despite Brexit

Jan 08 2018

The EU’s next long-term budget has to be larger than the current 1 percent of EU GDP, despite the loss of major net contributor Britain, the head of the EC said.

May wins applause from EU leaders for Brexit efforts

Dec 15 2017

May told her peers that she was on course to deliver Brexit and urged them to speed up the talks to unravel more than 40 years of membership.

Britain and EU clinch deal to move Brexit talks forward

Dec 08 2017

Britain and the EU struck a deal to move on to talk about trade and a transition period after they agreed the outline of their divorce, easing pressure on PM Theresa May.

May makes dawn flight to Brussels as Brexit deal seems done

Dec 08 2017

British PM May met EU chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker before dawn in Brussels, apparently having clinched a deal to open talks on post-Brexit trade

British PM May readies dawn call on EU as Brexit deal nears

Dec 08 2017

‘British PM May is likely to meet EU chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker before dawn in Brussels, as the two sides seek a deal to open talks on post-Brexit trade’.

Swiss pledge more funds for EU budget, progress on treaty

Nov 23 2017

Switzerland and the EU made headway on clinching a new treaty meant to cement ties, and Bern pledged fresh contributions to EU coffers.

EU's Juncker says EU will reach a fair Brexit deal with Britain

Oct 24 2017

“I would like to say that the Commission is not negotiating in a hostile mood," Juncker told the European Parliament.

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