India's economy to be USD 5 trn by 2025: Paytm chief

Jan 18 2018

Indian economy is set to double to USD 5 tn in the next 7-8 yrs as booming consumption of digital services would support addition of about USD 2.5 tn to country's wealth., VNG Corp lead investment in Vietnamese e-commerce firm

Jan 16 2018 said it has led an investment in Vietnamese e-commerce firm, expanding its Southeast Asia business amid competition from Alibaba Group and

'Received approval for new consumer-credit backed securities'

Jan 15 2018

China’s Ant Financial has received approval to issue consumer credit-backed securities to institutional investors and the securities are currently in the pricing process.

China chides three tech firms over privacy safeguards

Jan 12 2018

China reprimanded 3 top tech firms over poor privacy protections, as tech companies face an increasing backlash from consumers and authorities.

China's Alibaba under fire over use of customer data

Jan 05 2018

Alibaba has come under fire over its handling of user data in an episode that underscores growing concerns for privacy in the hyper- digitised country.

Hong Kong will start atoning for missing Alibaba listing

Jan 04 2018

Losing Alibaba to New York was embarrassing for a city that has thrived connecting China to world markets. Hong Kong could go some way to making up for this in 2018.

China will pull private capital into state-owned enterprises

Dec 28 2017

The private companies concerned will take comfort that cooperation could reduce political risk. But for the broader reform agenda, half-measures will likely be worse.

Chinese court auctions skyscraper for $84.2 million

Dec 26 2017

A Chinese court is auctioning a skyscraper on the country's largest e-commerce website with a sky-high starting price of 553 million yuan (USD 84.2 million).

UBS eyes global roll out of online wealth management service

Dec 21 2017

UBS is considering rolling out its online investment platform worldwide after a successful trial in Britain, the head of wealth management at the Swiss bank said.

China's Tencent, invest $863 mn in online retailer Vipshop

Dec 18 2017

Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd said it would lead an $863 million investment in apparel platform Vipshop, upping its rivalry in retail with Alibaba Group.

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Net Sales at Rs 1540 Cr Vs Rs 508 Cr, up 3x

Total Income at Rs 1,808 Cr vs Rs 734 Cr, 2.5x

EBITDA at Rs 1462 Cr Vs Rs 475 Cr, up 3x

EBITDA margins at Rs 95% vs 93.5%

PAT Rs 842 Cr vs Rs 99.3 Cr, up 8x

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PAT at Rs 57 Cr vs 51 Cr up 11.8%

NII at Rs 250 Cr vs 209 Cr up 19.6%

Non-Interest Income at Rs 75 Cr vs 64 Cr, up 17.2%

Operating Profit at Rs 123 Cr vs 109 Cr, up 12.8%

Net Interest Margin at 4.12% vs 3.95% YoY

All results are comparable YoY


Net Sales up 36% at Rs 214.5 Cr Vs Rs 157.6 Cr

EBITDA up 3.1x at Rs 59.8 Cr Vs Rs 19.4 Cr

EBITDA Margin at 27.9% V 12.3%

Net Profit up 3.3x at Rs 36 Cr Vs Rs 11 Cr

Other Income up 36% at Rs 11.7 Cr Vs Rs 8.6 Cr

All figures are standalone and comparable YoY


Net Sales up 6.9% at Rs 254.8 Cr Vs Rs 238.4 Cr

EBITDA up 80% at Rs 70.1 Cr Vs Rs 39 Cr

EBITDA Margin at 27.5% vs 16.4%

Net Profit up 2.3x at Rs 43.2 cr vs Rs 18.8 cr

All figures are comparable YoY


AUM at Rs 44971 Cr Vs Rs 37505 Cr, Up 20%

Disbursements at Rs 5731 Cr Vs Rs 4812 Cr, Up 19%

Total Income at Rs 1411 Cr Vs Rs 1134 Cr, Up 24%

Calc NII at Rs 645 Cr Vs Rs 419 Cr, Up 54%

PAT at Rs 105 Cr Vs Rs 67 Cr, Up 56%

All results are comparable YoY

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