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3 north-east states go to polls next month; tougher battles ahead

Jan 18 2018

The bugle has been sounded for tough electoral battles of 2018, which are expected to cast a shadow over the Mahabharata of 2019.

Challenging times ahead for Indian judiciary, executive

Jan 13 2018

A divided judiciary may provide an opportunity to the executive to have its say in the appointments to the higher judiciary.

Tough political battles this year to set tone for 2019

Jan 01 2018

The bruising electoral battles of last year are set to intensify in 2018 – with the next 12 months being a warm up to the big battle of the general election of 2019.

FRDI Bill may be deferred; meet the fate of Land Acquisition Bill

Dec 19 2017

With eight regional elections due in 2018 before the nation goes for the general elections in 2019 the NDA govt isn’t willing to take any political risks with FRDI bill.

Gujarat election results hold key to future poll alliances

Dec 19 2017

Eight assembly elections due in 2018 will set the mood for the next general elections. There will be no time for recovery if reverses are faced in 2018.

FRDI Bill: JPC push for percentage based deposit insurance

Dec 12 2017

The contention is that a percentage based insurance amount would be more effective in assuring public. Any fixation of limit based on amount needs amendments regularly.

No holds barred Gujarat battle to decide 2019 strategy

Nov 30 2017

Both the ruling BJP and the Congress are honing their strategy for the big battle 18 months later. Poll results on December 18 would set the tone for the war of 2019.

Rahul’s elevation to distance him from Assembly results

Nov 20 2017

The move to elevate Rahul is part of a long term strategy by Congress mandarins to insulate Rahul from the possible fallout of the electoral outcomes in Gujarat and HP.

Narendra Modi cracks the good economics-politics riddle

Nov 17 2017

Wide raging political and economic approval, a rarity in Indian political set up, the race for 2019 general elections appears to be a one-race horse.

Focus shifts to Gujarat as policy steps depend on electoral gains

Nov 10 2017

Win in the regional elections would enable a push for other policy steps that would propel India on a high growth path and guide the pace of govt over next 12 months.

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Net Sales at Rs 1540 Cr Vs Rs 508 Cr, up 3x

Total Income at Rs 1,808 Cr vs Rs 734 Cr, 2.5x

EBITDA at Rs 1462 Cr Vs Rs 475 Cr, up 3x

EBITDA margins at Rs 95% vs 93.5%

PAT Rs 842 Cr vs Rs 99.3 Cr, up 8x

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PAT at Rs 57 Cr vs 51 Cr up 11.8%

NII at Rs 250 Cr vs 209 Cr up 19.6%

Non-Interest Income at Rs 75 Cr vs 64 Cr, up 17.2%

Operating Profit at Rs 123 Cr vs 109 Cr, up 12.8%

Net Interest Margin at 4.12% vs 3.95% YoY

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Net Sales up 36% at Rs 214.5 Cr Vs Rs 157.6 Cr

EBITDA up 3.1x at Rs 59.8 Cr Vs Rs 19.4 Cr

EBITDA Margin at 27.9% V 12.3%

Net Profit up 3.3x at Rs 36 Cr Vs Rs 11 Cr

Other Income up 36% at Rs 11.7 Cr Vs Rs 8.6 Cr

All figures are standalone and comparable YoY


Net Sales up 6.9% at Rs 254.8 Cr Vs Rs 238.4 Cr

EBITDA up 80% at Rs 70.1 Cr Vs Rs 39 Cr

EBITDA Margin at 27.5% vs 16.4%

Net Profit up 2.3x at Rs 43.2 cr vs Rs 18.8 cr

All figures are comparable YoY


AUM at Rs 44971 Cr Vs Rs 37505 Cr, Up 20%

Disbursements at Rs 5731 Cr Vs Rs 4812 Cr, Up 19%

Total Income at Rs 1411 Cr Vs Rs 1134 Cr, Up 24%

Calc NII at Rs 645 Cr Vs Rs 419 Cr, Up 54%

PAT at Rs 105 Cr Vs Rs 67 Cr, Up 56%

All results are comparable YoY

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